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A little sweet, a little fun. I love letting the couple interact and be themselves, and I direct or pose as needed.

$200 (+tax)

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The beautiful momma by herself or including partner or other children.

$150 – $250 (+tax)

This can be as intimate as you’re comfortable with. This is an incredibly special time that is also very individual. I am not afraid of anything! But we will go over expectations so that I can respect your wishes.

$400 (+tax)
Limited time offer! Ask for more details.

Welcome Home, Little One
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Sell My House
This is the perfect session if you are putting your house on the market. I will even help you do some minor staging to show everything in its best light (any big-time staging is up to you beforehand, and a clean, clutter-free home shows best!). 

Whole House – $350
Up to 10 rooms. Includes free digitals.

Interior or Exterior Only – $250
Up to 6 rooms. Includes free digitals.

Daily Life*
A daily life session gives you a complete and honest look at some of life’s most precious moments, which are so often the smallest things. Going for a walk in your neighborhood, baking cookies, bedtime routines. You name it. I shadow your family for the day (or half day – however you want to do it) and provide you with a candid roll that you can look back on for years. *You may opt for this style of photo shoot as a family session instead.

Full Day – $850
Up to 12 hours. Includes free digitals.

Half Day – $500
Up to 6 hours. Includes free digitals.

Additional Hours – $75/hr