When are you available?

I recommend doing sessions either in the evening before sunset or in the morning right after sunrise. I have availability most evenings and a bit of flexibility throughout the days as well. Just give me a holler and we’ll work out a time that works for both of us.

What happens after our session?

After our session, I go through the pictures to select the final batch. I edit them and post a preview on social media. When I’m all done, I set up your online gallery and email you the link where you can view and download your images. If your session includes complimentary prints, I order those and have them sent directly to you. Your online gallery allows you to order professional prints if you would like them.

Can I print the pictures on my own?

Yes. I deliver a non-commercial print release with your digital images. If you would like professional prints, you can order them through my gallery. Otherwise, I recommend a high-quality service like mpix.com to print.

Do you do retouching?

Yes. I crop, color correct, and do skin touch-ups on all of my pictures. I make sure to not “over-edit” – I believe everyone should still look like themselves! I also edit out anything “off” in the pictures like wandering people or cars in the background.

Can I get a headshot with my family session?

Yes. I am happy to provide some headshots with your family session. Just let me know if you would like them!

Do you accept debit/credit cards?

Yes, you can pay with a debit/credit card through your online invoice. I am happy to take cash or check as well.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, I love to show my appreciation to anyone who spreads the word about Buffy’s! If you refer a new client to me, you will receive a $25 credit toward a future session once they have paid and completed their session. Keep referring more people, and you’ll get more credit!

“Is that too weird?!”

This is a no judgment zone, and honestly, your idea is probably not as weird as you think! One of my favorite things is capturing the connection between people, so affection and intimacy don’t scare me one bit. If you feel like the thing you want pictures of is embarrassing or weird…that probably means it’s the BEST thing to get pictures of! Things that are raw. Real. Funny. Imperfect. Emotional. Those are the things that you will treasure forever and help you to remember what your life has been.